12 Questions For Every Christian this New Year


As one year ends and another begins, it’s often a time for reflection and making resolutions.

My resolutions tend to be driven by my own pride, rather than by a desire to grow in grace. I ask myself, “How can I get better at this?” Or, “What can I accomplish?”

Growth in grace looks like a greater affection for Jesus, a deeper humility and a growing dependence upon him.

So here are twelve questions I’m asking myself at the end of 2018. I pray that they’ll lead me (and maybe you) away from pride and towards Christ.

  1. What new things have I loved about Christ in 2018?

  2. In what situations have I experienced him the most?

  3. What have I found hardest in my walk with him this year? What answers might there have been? What still feels left unanswered? 

  4. What parts of my life does Christ rule over most? And the least?

  5. What have I dreamt about most in 2018? How might this need to change in 2019?

  6. Who or what have I been praying for well? Who or what do I need to pray for more?

  7. What sins have I battled? Which ones do I need to battle more?

  8. How have I spent my time and money well? How have I wasted my time and money?

  9. Who can I love better in 2019?

  10. Which of my friends, family or colleagues have I not shared the gospel with? How can I make this a priority in 2019?

  11. What am I looking forward to most about 2019? What concerns me most about the future? How will I bring these to Christ and depend on him?

  12. What needs to change in my life so  that I am praying regularly for the answers to these questions?