Craving justice with Stormzy

Justice. We all crave it.

Just ask Stormzy after his Brit Award performance last Wednesday.

“Theresa May, where’s the money for Grenfell?”

Seventy-one died. Seventy were injured. Where’s the justice?

The anger he feels at the injustice of Grenfell is the anger we feel at the many injustices in our lives.

Whether it’s the lack of recognition at work, when a friend betrays us or when we’re kept in the dark on a family issue – our anger burns at injustice.  

What is justice?

Justice is fairness. Often it’s about ensuring that the person responsible for any injustice pays the price.

Hence Stormzy’s question - “Where’s the money for Grenfell?” We won’t find comfort until the right price is paid.

The Just God

We long for justice because we’re made in the image of a just God who says;

“For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing” (Isaiah 61:8)

God hated any injustice at Grenfell. He hates our own injustice and injustice against us.  

The Burning Question

The question which burns as bright as Stormzy’s anger is, will justice be done? Will the price be paid?


The price for the injustice of the world has been paid by the blood of Jesus. God’s burning anger has been satisfied for all who put their trust in him.

And the remaining injustice? He will judge eternally (Matthew 25:46).

While some justice can be done in this world, God’s final judgment means we can endure injustice patiently.

We can trust God to bring about justice in the end.

But as we wait, we can praise him that Jesus paid the price for our own injustice.