5 Things to Pray for Your Kids - Melissa Kruger


My wife was thirty-six weeks pregnant and it was the fourth time we’d seen the consultant.

“Pregnancy is so full of worry… can’t we just whip them out?” I asked, not yet knowing whether they were a boy or girl.   

Our consultant – a Christian – looked at us first-time parents with the affirming smile of a seasoned mum. “The worry won’t end when your little one’s born. Mine have left home and I still worry.”

Over two years on – and having experienced the death of our second child – she was right. And this is why I value Melissa Kruger’s book, 5 Things to Pray For Your Kids, so much.

Anxious Calling

This is a little resource to help you pray. Each chapter turns our common concerns for our kids into five little prayers to our heavenly Father.

            ‘Cast your anxieties on him because he cares for you.’ 1 Peter 5:7

He cares for us. And he cares for our kids too. Even more than we do. He cares about their salvation, their burdens and the environment they’re raised in.

Based on Bible passages, Kruger’s short and simple prayers unearth the ungodly anxiety we bury in our hearts – anxiety we often fail to bring to our Father.

Praying through the book has helped me trust God with Josiah’s life.

It reminds me that I’m only God’s instrument in his life – not his saviour. God’s the one who can open Josiah’s eyes (John 6:44).

Only he can change his little heart.  

Prayerful Change

These wise prayers covering the full experience of parenting could only have been written by someone who’s been through the trials of raising children.  

Melissa’s a mother of three whose godly care, pastoral sensitivity and Christ-like love shines through each page. My children will be blessed by this book. As will yours.

And each morning, I too am rarely left unchanged.