6 Glimpses of Grace for the Morning Commute


It can be easy to moan about the daily commute to work.

Yet God’s mercies are new every morning, so why not consider how - even in the daily grind - his grace is right there in front of us?

1. Don’t worry

God’s said not to worry about food or clothing (Matthew 6:25-34). There’s plenty of other things we may be worrying about but if we’re making our way to work, we’re normally clothed and fed.

God has met our most basic needs and much more.

2. Purpose

The commute isn’t just a means to an end; there is purpose to it.

You’re heading somewhere to do something worthwhile, whether it’s administration, caring for others, cleaning a classroom, training for a new skill or building a bridge.

God gives our work purpose each day.

3. Things work

Usually the towns and cities where we live - the sanitation, electricity and transport infrastructure - just work.

Even when there are millions of us, God has made it so that our collective talents create a place and a culture to enjoy and benefit from.

Some of your work today will contribute to this.

4. Community

If it was just you going to work this morning what would happen?

No doubt, the place we live in would start to fall apart. Give thanks for the people around you who are able to do things you can’t - treat patients with life saving medicine, drive buses or fix pipes. 

5. Order

The commute can be dull - the same predictable pattern every morning.

Yet God’s constancy and the order he has given is grace to us. Be thankful we’re not surrounded by unpredictable chaos.

6. God’s Grace

Maybe you’re feeling the limits of time - you’re later than planned. Or you left the house in a mess and forgot to pay that bill.

Or maybe you’re all too aware of the real presence of sin in your life - like yesterday morning. 

But take comfort. Our unlimited God meets us in our failings and limitations and says ‘my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’ (2 Corinthians 12:9).

What better thing to do on your commute than to remember how loved you are in Christ?