A Call To Spiritual Reformation - D. A. Carson

I finally read A Call to Spiritual Reformation by Don Carson. To be honest, it stared at me from my book shelf for a few years.

While praying is hard enough in itself, how much more reading a book on prayer?  I knew it would expose a lazy attitude in me. But this is what I needed. So I dusted it down and cracked the cover.

Carson takes the reader for a deep-dive into Paul’s prayers, where we see priorities, struggles and renewal in prayer. We see how rich and robust these prayers are and how they exemplify our confidence in the gospel to approach our Father.

I’d never thought of my prayers as powerful, simply as a discipline that I often got wrong. I was blown away when realising Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church was a direct request for God’s power. 

He prays it would make their hearts a place where Jesus dwells (Ephesians 3:16-17). Carson explains that Paul’s hope is that ‘Christ will truly take up his residence in the hearts of believers, as they trust him, so as to make their hearts his home.’

In prayer we enter into God’s power and purpose to make a home in us. The book unpacks the incredible realities of prayer. And that’s just one nugget.

The writing style is rich, jam packed with sweet gospel truths, but not academic or cerebral in the way it first appears. But it is a deep dive; and this may appear daunting.

I’d recommend reading it in a devotional way. Picking it up casually may prove difficult; Carson is rarely ‘casual’. It would work well as a Quiet Time resource on a quieter morning during the week or something to pray through with a Christian brother or sister. 

Read this book. It will both encourage you to find joy in prayer; and it will enlarge your view of the God to whom you’re praying. 

Difficulty: Hard | Type: Academic/Devotional