A challenge to our resolutions

I grew up in a context where spending New Year’s Eve in church was the norm.

There was something so powerful in committing the coming year to God with the rest of the church family and entering the new year in prayer and fasting.

We’d approach the year with a great expectation that God was going to provide transformation in our lives and deepen our relationship with him.

There’s something about this together-ness in Christ that we need to be reminded of.

New Year, new me?

Living healthily, ordering finances, or even committing more time to God’s word and prayer are great things. But I wonder how often our resolutions include our church family?

The Christian life isn’t about how we can better ourselves as individuals. Rather it’s how we can submit to Jesus’ rule, his grace and his call to love one another.

And this is a group effort.

You can’t do it alone

You may have a new energy to fight sin or grow in an area of your Christian life, and that’s great!

But because God wants you to depend on him, he’ll graciously show you your weakness so his power is made perfect in you (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Expect this. Boast in it.

Start by acknowledging you can’t do this alone. And tap into the way God’s given us to grow in grace - his people, your church family (Ephesians 2:22).

They can’t do it alone

In the same way, your church family can’t do the next year without you. How can you serve them and be a blessing? Who has God laid on your heart in a special way?

Perhaps it’ll be making dinner for them sometimes or babysitting their kids. It might be praying particularly for them.

Whatever it is, God wants you to enter into the New Year together with his people.