A Challenge to Theresa May and All Other Sinners  

Let me say something which will ruffle some feathers.

When Theresa May became Prime Minister in the Brexit fallout, I was quietly confident we had a leader who’d steady the ship.

Now, I’m not one for political rants or the condemnation of any government who has failed to usher in the new creation.

But over time, my quiet confidence has faded.

Disguised Weakness

It’s not because I sit comfortably with the backbench Brexiteers who have ridiculed her plan to get a good deal with the European Union.

My issue hasn’t really got anything to do with her policies. My concern is around one of her character traits – one that many people admire.   

She doesn’t back down.

Theresa May wants to be a strong leader – but it in attempt to be strong, she’s unwilling to allow the view of her closest ministers change her position.

It’s as though she feels that changing her policy or taking on board what peers think would signal weakness.

However, in God’s view, to do this would actually be a great display of strength (James 1:19).

Disguised Strength

It takes a spiritual maturity to question what we first believe to be right.

This is because the Holy Spirit has to humble us by showing us that we don’t just rebel against God in what we do. We rebel against him in how we think (Romans 1:28).

Few of us will make decisions that will affect the lives of millions. But your decisions and actions will affect those around you.

Therefore, embed yourself into church. Surround yourself with Christians. Get their advice on things. Welcome challenge. Doubt yourself. Accept rebuke. After all,

‘The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.’ Proverbs 12:15