A right response to chemical attacks in Syria

Syria no longer sounds like news. It’s become code for complicated politics.

News items revolve around abstract diplomatic solutions, the national security threat and the Prime Minister’s conduct.

All of this is worth talking about.

But then we see images of children. On the floor. Foaming at the mouth. Distraught. Dying. Dead.

And it’s difficult to know what to say, let alone what to do.

Be like God

It’s easier to talk about politics - to nod along to politicians talking about ‘our robust response.’  

Most of us feel unable to help those children. In our comfortable homes with luxuries plugged into every socket, our guilt increases.

But guilt isn’t the response God calls for.

God will call some to be aid workers or political negotiators. But for the rest of us, there is still something we can do.

Get angry.

Watch the images. Watch the tears of those little ones having chlorine hosed off them. The shrieks of pain. The beads of sweat.

And be like God. Get angry.

Angry like a mother’s rage at someone hurting her child. Angry at Satan’s work. Angry at the depravity of humans.

Live like God

Not anger for angers’ sake. Not uncontrolled rage.

But let your anger at this injustice serve as fuel, lighting the fires of your love for people.

If your own evil has been justly punished at the cross (Romans 3:23-25), channel your anger into confronting the evil and injustice around you.

The evil that won’t make the news. The injustice of people rejecting the God who gives them life and breath.

Speak up about it. Speak out about Jesus.

Be like God whose anger at sin and love for people drove him to action.

Get angry. Love people. And don’t be discouraged. The Lord stands ready to ‘let justice roll on like a river’ (Amos 5:24).