Abortion: Don’t look away, but don’t despair


Recently a judge ruled that a pregnant, mentally disabled woman should have an abortion against her will. In God's mercy, the ruling was overturned on appeal.

It’s not a simple situation – the specifics of the case raise concerns and questions. But what is clear is what the Bible says about human lives, including those not yet born:

They are of the utmost value to God and should be protected (Psalm 139:13).

A wake-up call

In the UK, we've grown used to the fact that abortion is legal.

As Christians, even though we object, we still accept it as the norm. Maybe we even shrug our shoulders at our brothers and sisters across the pond where abortion is still a hot-button issue.

But stories like this, where a judge explicitly referred to this unborn child as not being "a real baby", drive home just how important it is not to look away. 

As Christians we’re called to stand up for the lives of fellow human beings – even the ones our culture won't acknowledge, and especially those who can’t stand up for themselves (Matthew 25:44-45).

A call to persevere

One of the biggest reasons we shy away from this challenging topic is because it’s overwhelming. Since it was legalised in 1967 the number of abortions has been staggering.

But we're wrong to despair.

We should grieve, yes. But we can persevere through our tears because we know two things: that our all-powerful God cares (Matthew 10:29-31), and that he’s in control over everything he’s made (Isaiah 46:9-10).

He doesn't call us to muster up our own small power and see what we can do.

Instead he himself strengthens and prepares us to protect the weakest, live as children of the light and expose evil (Ephesians 5:11).