Episode #3: Elizabeth

This Christmas, we thought we’d retell the events of Jesus’ birth by writing them into short stories, as recorded by Luke. This doesn’t replace Luke’s gospel, but aims to get you excited about his real account.


I knocked on the rough wooden door, my heart thumping in my chest.

How was I going to tell her?

I couldn’t understand my emotions, let alone explain them. It was all so unbelievable. But, if a miracle had also happened to her… maybe she’d believe what had happened to me.

I put a hand to my flat stomach as the door opened, guarding the tiny secret nestled within. Her familiar face, once lined by years of deep longing, was now shining with joy.

Elizabeth’s hand was also on her stomach, swollen and round beneath her dress.

Laughter bubbled up and I held out my arms, tears in my eyes. She’d wanted a child for so long and now her happiness broke my heart.

“Praise God,” I gasped. “A miracle.”

Elizabeth’s face changed as we embraced. Her eyes swept down to my stomach.

Did she know? She looked at me with awe and I took a step back. How could she tell? I wasn’t showing yet.

“Mary,” she gasped, gripping her belly. “My baby just leapt. Leapt for joy.”  Understanding settled over her features. My whole body relaxed as I realised I wouldn’t have to tell her.

Elizabeth bowed her head. Shocked, I took a step forward, but realised she wasn’t bowing to me. “Mary, you’re blessed. And your child. And me. You’ve come to me carrying my Lord!”

Her eyes shone with such joy that tears came to mine. “You believed everything that God promised.”

My knees buckled and together we sank to the floor. She believed me. She believed that insignificant me, not yet married to Joseph, carried our Lord.

Unable to contain it any longer, praise to God burst from my lips. God knew even the humble, the lowly. Through us, poor and insignificant, he displayed his power.

And now I’d be known as blessed forever because of the tiny life in my womb.

The saviour of the world.


What are you hoping for this Christmas?

Even at Christmas time, it can seem like the world is so full of darkness. Wars are raging, people are homeless and there is still so much poverty in this world. Heirs contributor, Ben Moon, wants to share some good news with you for this festive season.

Music by Lights & Motion – Lucid Dreaming