Episode #7: Simeon

This Christmas, we thought we’d retell the events of Jesus’ birth by writing them into short stories, ending with Simeon in Luke 2:22-40. This doesn’t replace Luke’s gospel, but aims to get you excited about his real account.


Get up, Simeon. It’s time.

Could it be? Sleepily, I mused that this morning felt no different to any other since I’d received the promise.

Morning had brushed warm streaks of gold above Jerusalem and the sounds of the city were uninvited guests in my home, entering through my window and inhabiting the air.

I rubbed my eyes. The Spirit nudged again.

Simeon, it’s today. He’s coming.

That voice. The one that had told me that my life wouldn’t end until it encountered His. The enormity of the moment dawned.

Leaping from the floor with as much energy as my creaking body could manage, I scrambled for clothes. I could hardly breathe. I could hardly dress. The wrong sandal! The wrong foot! My keys?

Dishevelled and eager, I ran. Dust clouds surged, the dirt settling between my toes, but my mind was rewinding through the scriptures.

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel.

He was pierced for our transgressions…by his wounds we are healed.

Today, Lord? Will these aged eyes see your salvation?

The knot of streets untied themselves before the temple. I stopped in awe of the appointment ahead: God himself had booked this heavenly meeting into the diary of my days.

Slowed by wonder, I climbed. The temple was the same as ever. Nothing extraordinary. Heart pounding, I waited and listened.

He’s here, Simeon.

Turning, I saw them – saw him, a few weeks old. Moving towards them, I lifted him from his mother’s arms and cradled him.

Human. Divine. A collision of the impossible.

My words and my tears tumbled out in worship: “I have seen your salvation! He will show your glory to the world. You’ve done as you promised, Lord, and I can die in peace.”


What are you hoping for this Christmas?

Even at Christmas time, it can seem like the world is so full of darkness. Wars are raging, people are homeless and there is still so much poverty in this world. Heirs contributor, Ben Moon, wants to share some good news with you for this festive season.

Music by Lights & Motion – Lucid Dreaming