Am I just my brain?


Maybe I’ll click on this article. I feel hungry. Why am I here? I don’t think I want to move job. I hate this weather. Is there a God?

The inner life – a window into our deepest fears and desires. The core of who we are as people. You want to know who I am? Forget my shoes – come and spend a day in my head.

But with many rejecting the idea of God has come the idea that matter – physical stuff – is all there is. And so that inner life…what is it?

It’s just your brain. You are your brain – complex flesh and water. Or so the argument goes.


In her book Am I just my brain? Sharon Dirckx shows how this fails to make sense both of the evidence and our experience.

When you think thoughts, brain imaging will show your neurones firing in all directions. So some say: See, consciousness is simply a physical process.

But this is like explaining my car’s movement by pointing to its speedometer – the mere indicator of that the engine is working.

With a PhD in Brain Imaging, Dirckx demonstrates that there’s a difference between our firing synapses and our minds’ thoughts.

And this mysterious relationship between our inner life and our physical brains points to something – or Someone – bigger. 


Answering questions like: Is belief in the soul out of date?, and Is religious experience just brain activity? Dircx builds a compelling case for how consciousness points to God.

With a personable style and robust evidence, she argues that our minds are copies of a bigger Mind. The evidence confirms God’s word: we’re made in his image (Genesis 1:27).

This book is an encouragement to Christians as much as it’s a challenge to sceptics who think that matter is all there is – and that a brain is all they are.