Amazing Spaces: What are you building for?

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George Clarke’s back with a new series of Amazing Spaces. And as ever, I’m loving it.

This show is about ordinary people who create incredible buildings. They do it with limited funds, recycled resources and little experience.

Alongside this, George travels abroad to explore innovative buildings around the world.

Last week, he met Don Justo.

Don’s Building

With his usual enthusiasm, George stands in front of a Spanish cathedral. But as he begins to tell its story, it becomes clear that this building is wholly unusual.

Don has built this cathedral on his own. In fact, at 93 years old, he’s still building it.

Fifty-six years ago, he decided to build something to represent his devotion to God. Not a man of small vision, Don chose a cathedral.

He admits he’s never had a plan, drawings or a budget. He didn’t even have any training as a builder.

So he could be dismissed as crazy. But what has sustained Don is his big view of God and the desire to demonstrate his glory.

Your Building

In Genesis 11, people also have a bold idea for a building project. But it’s not about displaying God’s majesty. It’s about displaying their own (Genesis 11:4).

This building plan is the opposite of Don’s act of worship. They don’t want to humbly acknowledge their weakness and lack of wisdom. They want to get glory, not give it.

Our lives, too, are like building projects (Matthew 7:24)

What matters is who and what we’re building for. If we build for ourselves, it won’t last (Matthew 7:27) But a life that is built around Jesus’ glory will matter forever.

Friend, how big is your view of God? And will you, like Don, invest your life working and building to show the world his glory?