Are you a coward?

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The Bible tells us to be wise (Proverbs 4:1-9). But sometimes, actions which seem wise are actually a mask for cowardice.

Sometimes we fail to do the right thing because we use ‘wisdom’ as a cover-up for fear – for example, not challenging bullying at work because ‘it’s wise to work hard and not cause more disruption.’

But Revelation 21:8 lists cowardice among other damnable things such as murder and idolatry.

Why is cowardice that bad?

The Problem: holding onto earth

When I think ‘coward’, I think Peter. Remember when he denied Jesus three times? (Matthew 26:69-72) He was scared of being arrested so he lied about knowing Jesus.

He was holding too tightly to his safety.

And that’s true of me too – whenever I’m cowardly it’s because I’m desperately trying to hold onto something here on earth, be that my reputation or my comfort.

This dishonours God because it says that there’s something more valuable to me than him. It devalues him.

The Remedy: a city to come

So what’s the solution to our cowardice? What transformed Peter from a trembling denier into a courageous preacher? (Acts 2:14-41)

Changing what we value.

Peter went from valuing his earthly safety, to valuing the risen Jesus and his mission – and so instead of trying to keep his life, he frequently put it on the line.

We too can be brave if we also fix our eyes on God’s city to come:

‘For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.’ Hebrews 13:14

There is a day appointed for us when we’ll leave everything we’ve so desperately tried to cling to.

So let’s put away cowardice, value heaven instead and courageously say to the world: God is worth more than anything else.