Are you ball-tampering at work?

In 2013 I was appointed Head of Spanish in a secondary school. As the newbie, it wasn’t long before I found out the rules of the game.

“The kids in this neighbourhood are tough. To give them a chance, you have to bend the coursework rules.”

And so my three-year long moral turmoil began. To get any kind of grade from the students, this seemed necessary.

It was because of this ‘necessity’ and my own weakness that I knew I had to leave the profession.

Australian Cricket

In May 2018, Aussie cricket players Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft have been charged with ball-tampering.

This is cheating – a conscious decision to rough up one side of the ball to give the bowling team an advantage.

When Smith and Warner were issued a year’s ban from international cricket, there was a mixed response.

But two years on from leaving the classroom, one player’s reaction to the ball-tampering scandal struck a chord.

“Look, there isn't a professional player who hasn't done it, cricket is tough especially on flat wickets."

These kids are tough. Cricket is tough. Life is tough, so cheat. Everyone does.

Rest or Run

Perhaps everyone does. Because everyone’s scared. Scared of losing, of not getting the results, of losing their job.

I was scared. But why?

As Christians, we’re not only called to display perfect integrity (Proverbs 10:9). We’re given the security to empower us to do so – the faithfulness of our heavenly Father (Luke 12:7).

If colleagues are fudging figures, go against the grain. Rest in his faithfulness to you. He will never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).

Rest. But if the temptation is too great, run (2 Timothy 2:22). Find a new job.

Better to turn your back on the job you love than the God who loves you.