Are you wrestling with God?

Have you read the story of Jacob?

In many ways his life resembled the mess we make of ours.

He was a schemer, vying for power. He cut a deal with his brother for the privileges of being the elder son (Genesis 25:31).

He saw a woman and instead of pursuing her, he cut another deal (Genesis 29:18). But this time he was scammed (Genesis 29:25).

Jacob wanted to be wealthy. So, he cut another deal with his father-in-law to increase his bank balance (Genesis 30:32).

Power. Sex. Money. Jacob was the self-made man.

He could be the main character in most Netflix Originals.

Jacob’s Wrestle

But God decided not to give Jacob what he deserved. He gave him grace (Romans 9:13).

However, to accept it, Jacob had to come to the end of himself. The self-made man had to make himself low before the Lord.

So one night, God appeared to Jacob as a man – one who wrestled with Jacob all night (Genesis 32:24).

God could have destroyed Jacob with one move. Instead he was patient. As day break neared, the Lord dislocated Jacob’s hip (Genesis 32:25).

The self-made man became the man with a limp, hanging off the Lord, begging for his gracious blessing (Genesis 32:26).

And the Lord gave him what he asked for.

Our Wrestle

Isn’t this our story? We hang our hopes on almost anything but God. God could strike us. But instead he’s patient.

While he allows us to wrestle, eventually he gives us a limp. Be it a health concern, a failure, discontentment or grief.

Sometimes he’ll dislocate multiple limbs until we learn that the good life isn’t found in power, money, sex or anything else.

The good life begins when we cling to the Lord like Jacob - when we hold onto the grace that he’s promised to give us in Jesus Christ.