Being Where God Is

Is spending time with God sometimes just a guilty thought before your head hits the pillow? And does evangelism slot into the ‘if-I-have-time’ category?

The two go hand in hand. Intimacy with God leads to evangelism. And evangelism leads to intimacy with God.

They’re two sides of the same slightly dusty coin in your pocket.


If we enjoy spending time with our Father in his word and prayer, the desire to talk about him with others will ignite inside of us.

Because we share what we enjoy. We share a good bargain, we share the football score, we share sunsets on Instagram.

If we enjoy being with Jesus, we share him.


And when we do, it leads to a sweet intimacy with our Father. Because we’ll be meeting Him where his Spirit is – on the frontline, changing hearts and transforming lives.

Francis Chan says:

‘If I want to find Jesus, I should share the gospel with someone. That’s where He will be. He is on the battlefield. He is pursuing the mission.’

Sharing the gospel with someone means fighting side-by-side with God for the mission of bringing people to himself.

And what greater intimacy is there than working alongside someone, sharing their goal, their heart?

Evangelism gives us the intimacy of sharing in God’s constant, overflowing, outreach-driven heart.

Come Near

The apostle James writes,

‘Come near to God and he’ll come near to you.’ James 4:8

There is no one-sided coin. Our evangelism will be hollow if we don’t come near to and enjoy God. But we won’t know this deep intimacy if evangelism is an after-thought.

Opening your mouth for Jesus means you aren’t only sharing God’s gift to the world. You’re enjoying God’s gift to you.

The gift of himself through Jesus. 

And while sunsets and world cup wins are worth sharing, this is worth shouting from the rooftops (Luke 12:3).