Billy Graham is Alive

Billy Graham has died. But of us all, he is most alive.

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now.”

Graham warned against the great lie we all believe. The lie that we're either alive or dead.

And it’s this lie that drives us to an unending search for satisfaction. Because the lie says: “You’ve got one life! Go live it!”

Death is a door

The truth is that Christians are either alive here; or we’re alive with the Lord.

Death is real. It’s horrible. But death’s not an end.

It’s a door.

It’s a door to a new life. A perfect life. One without a battle against sin. Or suffering. Or crushed dreams. Or broken relationships. Or tears. Or the fear of living a mundane life.  

It’s a door to a life that we could sense on earth; one that we thought might be round the corner with enough money, the right opportunities, that job, that relationship, recognition, reward.

But we’ve believed the lie.

That life

That life we craved wasn’t round the corner. It wasn’t hiding in any of our pipe dreams – not in the ones that came true anyway.

Because that life we are looking for is eternal life – a life lived in perfect, sinless relationship with the Lord Jesus where we will sing and dance in his beauty. Forever.

And while this life isn’t in the career, or the five-bedroom house; it is through the door. The door through which Billy Graham has just passed along with billions of other Christians before him.

Billy Graham was someone who lived his earthly life in light of his eternal one.

He has died. But of us all, he is most alive.