Calvary: The Great Unveiling of the World and its God

Have you ever seen the unveiling of a statue?

Despite the giant cloth, its outline is clear. But the details are hidden. Until the great unveiling.

Similarly, we all sense the general contours of truth. Someone must have created this world. Life isn’t what it should be. Our creator loves us.

Doesn’t he?

It’s all a bit vague. Like a veiled statue.

Unveiling Evil

The cross was this world’s great unveiling.

As Jesus died, God pulled away the cloth of his own statue. Rough outlines came into high definition, vague ideas became concrete truths.

Philosophers argue about what evil is. Psychologists say that deep-down, we’re all basically good.

But the cross shows us who we really are.

We want God dead. And we're prepared to use history’s most horrific form of execution to do it.

Because it wasn't just anyone who humanity put to death on the first Good Friday. It was Jesus Christ, God in human flesh (John 1:11).

While we sensed human evil, the cross unveils it (Romans 3:10-12).

I held the hammer, and you the nails (Psalm 2:1-2).

Unveiling the Good God

But in his great wisdom, God used our worst act of evil to display the depths of his love for us.

He took the necessary and just punishment for the God-hating evil of those holding the hammer and nails (Romans 5:8).

So now, God welcomes sinful humanity – all who’d claim Christ’s blood to cover their evil.

Just like the Roman Centurion who, still with hammer in hand, immediately recognised Christ’s divinity and his own sin (Mark 15:39).

At the cross, we don’t only see human evil. We see the riches of God’s gracious love - an idea we all sensed.

But the cross has removed the veil.