Carrying Christ When Christmas Hurts

Christmas is a wonderful time for many people, filled with fun, family and love.

But for some, Christmas will be messy. Some will be missing loved ones. There might be family tensions or financial concerns.

In all the excitement and build up, we might shrink back and feel like we’re missing out. We want to be as excited as everyone else, but there’s an inner sense of dread.

If that’s you, remember that this Christmas and beyond, you carry Christ.  

Marvel in the Mess

The first Christmas was messy and marked by rejection. Mary was denied access to a room in the inn, and the Son of God was born in a smelly stable.

But Christmas reminds us about how God shares in our mess. In Jesus, he stretches out his hand and calls us to take comfort in him (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

As the mulled wine began to flow and the Christmas parties rolled into full swing, perhaps you began to forget the true miracle of Christmas.

Perhaps you started to believe that Christmas is only meaningful with a loving family, or great presents, or amazing food.

It’s easy to forget that in his love, God chose to wrap himself in flesh to restore our relationship with him.

When life hurts, the best medicine is to marvel. Marvel that God did this, for you.

You Carry Christ

In his awesome wisdom and goodness, God came to live with us by his Son. In the same way, his Son comes to live in us by his Spirit.  God isn’t only with us. He’s in us.

If you’re in Christ, you carry him. So you can rejoice this Christmas.

Whether you’re surrounded by spleen-splitting laughter, or only hear clanging cutlery and awkward silences, marvel. Rejoice.

The one who made his home in our mess has made his home in you.