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How to watch the Rugby World Cup

Have four years really passed since England’s humiliating exit from their own Rugby World Cup?

For me, watching rugby and godliness have gone together like toothpaste and orange juice.

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Knife Crime: Money's not the game-changer

We love a stat. So here’s one which has recently been painted over the news: knife crime’s at a nine-year high.

But stats don’t really cut it. These are human beings.

On 22 February, a young man named Sidali Mohamed was knifed down in my own community.

Soon after, Hazrat Umar and Abdullah Muhammed suffered the same fate, only a few minutes’ walk from the first attack. And the media are buzzing.

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God has a name for what happened in New Zealand

"It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in a press conference. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described it as “racist hatred”. The Pope called it a “senseless act of violence”.

But God has a stronger name for what lay behind today’s massacre in Christchurch which left 49 Muslims dead.

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International Women's Day: Can we be 'body proud'?

Mothercare’s ‘Body Proud’ campaign has launched in time for International Women’s Day.

In contrast to the airbrushed perfection in most adverts, seeing women showing off their post-birth bodies is refreshing. One person tweeted: 

Refreshing, real and utterly wonderful. Thank you @mothercareuk Another step forward in helping us towards #bodyproudmums

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Liam Neeson, you and the rest of us

After Liam Neeson’s friend was raped by a black man, he admits that he:

‘went up and down the area with a cosh. Hoping…some black ******* would…have a go at me, so that I could kill him.’

Racism, like rape, is the ugly attack on human dignity, given by God to reflect his glory (Genesis 1:27).

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Learning from our Six Nations heroes

This weekend is our reward for making it through January; the drama of Six Nations rugby begins.

Rugby has changed over the years. The speedy players used to be the weedy ones. Their best tactic was to use their pace to avoid getting hit.

Now, it’s common to run the ball down the centre of the field and take the hit. This draws the opposition toward the middle of the pitch and opens up space out wide. 

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