Celebrating Dependence Day

I love America.

Some of my best friends live there. Some of my favourite meals have been eaten there. Some of my most wonderful experiences of God have happened there.

So I’m a fan.

A New Nation

From spending time with them, one thing I’ve come to know about Americans is that they love to celebrate. They do holidays in a big way: Christmas, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s day.

And today, on Independence Day, they’ll do the same. There’ll be barbeques, fireworks and parades.

What they’re remembering is 4th July 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. That day marked the legal separation of the then 13 states from the British Empire.

It’s a big deal. It’s the day they became their own nation.

God’s New Nation

God’s also establishing a nation. Peter tells Christians that they’re ‘a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation’ (1 Peter 2:9) as a result of God’s saving work in their lives. 

So we as his people can do some Fourth of July celebrating too. It’s just the inverse of what our American friends are celebrating today.

What we celebrate is dependence.

God’s New Freedom

While it’s appropriate that nations celebrate their freedoms and history, Christians know that real freedom doesn’t come from being independent of others.

Real freedom can only be found in depending on God and relying on his people. 

It can be appealing to us to want to come up with our own laws, decide on the right way to live and to be free from someone else’s authority, but the truth is that we’re made to lean.

So, on this Fourth of July, let’s celebrate our own day of dependence. Because who the Son sets free, is free indeed (John 8:36).