Christian, paint your work blue!

What comes to mind when you think about being a Christian at work?

Integrity? Evangelism? Productivity?

All well and good. But my guess is that the quality of your work doesn’t spring to mind.   

But should it?

Because those things all sound a bit results-driven. Isn’t godly living – and working - about being like God in his character?

Well, yes. And it’s because of God’s character that he not only made the sky but also painted it blue (Genesis 1:7-8).

When he created the world, it wasn’t only important that he completed the job, but that what he created was very good (Genesis 1:31).

Fruit and Root

Our concern about the attitudes of our heart at work is a good one. But it’s the work we produce that often reveals these unseen motives.

Jesus didn’t say that a good tree produces any old fruit. It produces good fruit (Matthew 7:17). The fruit exposes the root.

Likewise with our work, it’s when our characters are aligned to God’s character that our work will be most useful, caring, creative, thoughtful, and effective.

Our work will be good.


Don’t hear me wrong. I’m not saying that being good at your job equals godliness.

But I am saying that just as we should cultivate a heart which is honest, kind and other-centred, a key part of being like God at work means developing a heart which tries to do the best job we can.

This might mean seeking out training opportunities. Finding gaps and offering to fill them. Or simply carving out time to go above what’s expected of you.

Ultimately godliness at work is about being like God. And God didn’t just get the job done, but he did the job well.

So be like him. Don’t just make the sky. Paint it blue.