Could God walk out on me?

Last year a friend gave birth to a very difficult baby. He cried all the time. He never smiled. He made it hard to leave the house.

Now he can walk and say a few words. If you go up to him and say ‘Hi’ he just shouts ‘No!’ and runs off. He just takes and never gives back.

You end up wondering if his parents have a limit to their love. Is it possible for him to push them too far?

Is there a point where one will throw up their hands and give up?

And God?

Sometimes we ask the same of God. How many times can we mess up before we’re unlovable? Before his compassion runs out?

Perhaps you’ve struggled with the same sin for many years. There have been times when you thought you’d left it behind. But then, unbelievably, you do it again.

Is there a point where God will walk out on me?

Or maybe there’s one time from your past that haunts you. Something so bad that you can’t imagine yourself without the burden of the memory.

Have I gone too far? Is there a point that God will stop loving me?

His Answer


‘Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!’ Isaiah 49:15

We’re like babies who are completely self-absorbed and give little back. At times, it can seem like we do everything we can to make ourselves unlovable.

We sin - over and over again.

Yet if you’re a follower of Jesus, you’re a child of God. You have a parent of never-ending compassion - love even beyond that of a nursing mother.

You are forgiven. You will never be forgotten. He will never walk out on you.