Deal or No Deal, God is our Father

Politics wasn’t really my thing in the same way as Countryfile also wasn’t. I thought it had no impact on my life.

And then, Brexit.

What will this mean for the next generation? What will it mean for my job?  On 23 June 2016, I scrambled around for words to describe what had just happened.

And watching all the chaos in Westminster today, it feels like I’ve been served up a nasty slice of déjà vu.

Of course, nobody wants another article on whether we should leave, remain or have another vote. But this isn't that sort of article.

Let me say two things.

Politics matters

One thing’s for sure. Politics matters.

As a sinner, I only grasped this when politics mattered to me – to my life, to my future, to my kids.

Politics changes stuff. Sometimes for good. Other times not. Some people may do better – others not. 

This is what we’re all fighting over. But in every scenario, Brexit is going to change lives. And lives matter both to people and to God.

So while I’m tempted to turn over the channel to something mindless, what’s happening in Westminster is important.

Because people and their lives are important. So let’s pray.

Christ matters more

But while the media paint a pretty gloomy outlook on our future, I’m slow to remember that politics isn’t the be-all-and-end-all.

Among the chaos, I have to ask myself whether my confidence rests on politicians, the 'will of the people' or with God.

Why do I feel so rocked by the thought of having less disposable income? Even if I lost my job, don’t I believe in a God who’d provide?

Have I forgotten that this God reigns over our economy, housing, jobs? He is Lord of the EU. He is King of post-Brexit Britain.

And, through Jesus, he is our father.