Death By Living - N. D. Wilson

N. D. Wilson’s book Death By Living is worth every second of your time; much like standing in front of a beautiful painting, or watching a thoughtful theatre piece.

The book is commendable, not so much because of what it says, but because of what it does; not so much by the words Wilson chooses, but in the form he presents them.

Death By Living is a piece of art. And because it’s beautiful, you are compelled by its message.

Wilson didn’t tell me directly that God is real, the gospel is true, that I’m an eternal soul with temporal decisions, that to spend life dying for the glory of God and the good of others is to live well.

But through the twists and turns of his narrative, the beauty with which he describes God, the choppy chapter arrangement, the heart-wrenching historical accounts of lives and deaths, I not only read about, but experience the unpredictability of a wild world, the unswerving providence of a gracious God who entered it, and the joy of living to die after the pattern of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wilson’s words win my heart to the real world that previously existed only in my mind.

There are so many good Christian books with the same message. They are written by fantastic theologians, scholars and pastors. But what sets this book apart is that it is written by an artist.

Its combination of artistic style, theological robustness and practical incision beckon me to live life to the full as a worshiping creature of the almighty Creator.

Good art never leaves you unchanged. Death By Living is no different.

Type: Artistic | Difficulty: Easy