Did God create Pringles?

This was the question that came up in last night’s Bible study.

As my son’s favourite song puts it,

There's an ant, plant, hand span, ham, spam, jam, tram, Man, Ma'am, boy, girl, cheese flan. There's a car, spa, tar, bar, aardvark, hard bark, shark, dark park, quark, lark. God made everything you see.

But didn’t we create spam and jam, cars and spas? Can we really say God created Pringles and everything else?


When God created the world, he said it was good. But he didn’t say it was finished. God made a world packed full with potential, a trove of untapped treasures.

He took a formless lump of rock (Genesis 1:2), formed it, and then filled it. And he says to us, “go do what I just did."

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it." (Genesis 1:28)

“Subdue it."

God’s telling us to bring order out of chaos, beauty out of formlessness. Go experiment, find the hidden gems. Create, paint, combine, cook, enjoy!

We do this with the stuff God has hidden in every part of his creation.

And that’s the fun.

Hide and Seek

God’s creation is like one big game of hide and seek. He’s hidden the treasure and told us to go find it and play with it. Do stuff with it.

The first humans didn’t know that God had created Carbon or Hydrogen. Let alone that they could be combined to make Paracetamol which would miraculously soothe headaches.

God created oil, potatoes and salt. But who knew that when you combined them over heat you’d get the joy of biting into a crisp?

Well, he did.

He knew all about Pringles. He created the world so we’d create them. And enjoy them.