Does being busy mean I'm ok?

“How are you?”

“Well, I've been quite busy lately.”

Being busy is sometimes the same as saying “I'm okay” in our culture. It’s a sign we're using our time. We have a reason to exist.

And in truth, we are often very busy. The pressures of job, family - even church - make it so. But perhaps we fill our time more than we should because we're scared of not being busy. 

Why so busy?

Maybe we think being busy means we're successful. We might believe our busyness is the same as being productive. Perhaps we hope it’s a mark of maturity when actually our growth in character feels painfully slow?

Does it help us feel justified or approved? Is it masking over insecurity or fear as we struggle to identify as a child of God by grace?

Work and other pressures can drag us down. We can end up feeling numb when we’re tired or frustrated and have little time to think. The chance to make time for Jesus feels so constrained.

When overburdened and needing a friend to lean on, of course we should tell it as it is – “I’m busy.” But how often do we just say it to prove ourselves in front of someone else? Our friend probably also feels busy; who is busiest? 

Better than busy

Not being busy is ok. It’s what Jesus called “better”.

“Martha, Martha… you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed – or indeed only one…Mary has chosen what is better.” (Luke 10:41-42)

We often think that if we do many things, we can make the life we lead rich. But there is, indeed, only one thing that makes us rich. 

Sitting with Mary.