Does God love me?

I’ve never found it easy to accept other people’s love. My parents, my wife, my friends - I’ve always felt that I have to prove my worth. And that my worth isn’t that valuable.

I’m a sinner (Romans 3:10). I need no convincing of that. If you saw what goes on inside my heart and mind, you wouldn't need convincing either.

So while I cling to God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ, I still battle for joy. Because while he might have forgiven me, the question remains.

Does God really love me?

Creation Love

The question assumes that God’s love is earned. That he loves us only when we first do something for him.

But this has never been the case. Just look at God’s creation.

Did you earn the taste of chocolate? Did you behave well before God showed you the blue sky? Did you convince him you were worthy of warm summer nights?

From the beginning, God’s love has always overflowed towards you in his gifts. We give people wages out of duty (Romans 6:23) – but who gives gifts to people they don’t love?

God’s love for you is clear in his creation. And yet, his greatest gift was still to come.

Salvation Love

God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

While we see our sin as a reason to doubt God’s love, the Bible’s view is that it magnifies his love for us.

The fact God gave his best gift – the gift of his Son – to win you back to himself in spite of your sin means that God’s love can never be in question.

Does God love you? Absolutely – so much that he gave his only Son for you.

Jesus died so you’d never have to ask the question again.