Does your job help or hinder godliness?

Sometimes it’s a good thing to ask whether we’re doing work which suits our personality, qualifications and goals.

But as Christians, what’s our ultimate goal?  

The Goal

‘We make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it.’ 2 Corinthians 5:9 

We achieve this goal when we bring our whole lives into line with God’s intentions for a life well-lived - a godly life.

And here’s the bottom line: some jobs, careers or industries will enable us to flourish toward godliness more than others.

Don’t hear me wrong. God calls us to be salt and light in almost all lines of work. But at a personal level, some might help godliness. Others may hinder it.

The Issue

I know a lawyer working in such a stressful environment that he finishes work late each evening. He’s worried about the cost of his job on his wife and children.

I know a coffee barista who loves her trade. But she can’t seem to find a manager who’ll let her have Sundays off.

I know a teacher working so many hours that he can’t get up to read his Bible or make it to Bible studies. 

Is it wrong to be a lawyer, barista or teacher? No. Firms will be different. Understanding coffee shop managers exist. Teachers can be super organised.

There are no clear answers about whether we should consider a new job or industry. We need to be wise. Ask questions. Seek godly advice.

The Question

Does your job allow you to pursue your ultimate goal to be like Jesus? Does it allow you to keep your priorities in order, the energy to pursue the Lord and time to pursue others?

If we’re blessed to be able to choose our work, let’s choose wisely.