Don’t just honour your boss at work

We recently wrote about ways Christians can stand out at work. One way is to honour our boss.

This might not come as news to you. Perhaps you’ve heard this verse to servants about their master.

Obey them not only to win their favour when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. Ephesians 6:6

The point’s well made - do a good job even when they’ve clocked off early. Because honouring your boss is to honour Christ. And Christ never clocks off early.

But there’s more to honouring your boss than doing a good job when they’re not watching.

Here are two probing questions.

Do you honour your boss outside of work?

It’s Friday evening. A few of you decide to go for a drink, or whatever. What does it mean to honour your boss there?

It’ll mean speaking highly of them - not just going along with the jokes that your workmates make.

It might mean making the awkward challenge to your colleagues’ moaning about their mistakes.

Be a breath of fresh air. Highlight what your boss gets right. What do you admire about them?

Speak about that.

Do you honour your boss at home?

Homes are dangerous places for Christians.

In front of others we want to be good witnesses. So we rein in our sin. But at home, we unwind. We ‘unload.’ We let it out.

It’s good to chat about work with your housemates or family. But it’s no less sinful to joke or moan about your boss to your wife than your colleague.

Honour them. Ask your housemates how your boss may see the situation differently. What might you have missed?

Honour your boss socially and at home. To honour them only at work is the same as honouring Christ only at church.