Drowning in life?


When I was fourteen I almost drowned.

I was sailing a boat when suddenly my vision flashed as I hit my head. I fell into cold, dark water. I hadn’t even managed to take in a breath of air.

I was wearing a life jacket which pulled me back up. But unfortunately, the boat was above me. Instead of taking me to safety, the life jacket pinned me to the bottom of the boat, making it hard to swim away.

As I started breathing in water, I managed to capsize the boat from underneath. I survived.

Drowning again

When I was twenty-three I almost drowned again. But this time I was on dry land.

Finishing my studies. Helping create a new church. Working stressful eleven-hour days. Exhaustion. It hit me over the head, seemingly out of nowhere.

I started to drown. I didn’t know how to keep on going. It was all too much and I realised my life jacket wasn’t helping. It was hindering:

I’d grown reliant on the Christian Union events to grow my faith. I depended on Christian friends for an easy social life. I’d assumed being married to a lovely Christian guy could get me through anything.

They’d fooled me into thinking I was sorted and safe. I was depending on Christian things rather than Christ himself.

Turned out, these things weren’t a life jacket at all.

The only true life jacket

Although these were good things, they weren’t a strong foundation to build my life on (Matthew 7:24-27).

I needed to change my life jacket. I needed to just enjoy good things instead of pinning my happiness and fulfilment on them.

Realising that Christ is enough (Philippians 4:19) meant I was able to bring my head above the choppy waters of life and breathe properly again.