Enjoying the now-ness of God

In the prize-winning novel Gilead, an ageing Pastor remembers a simple but cherished moment in his life. He writes that it was like:

‘one of those dreams when you’re filled with some extravagant feeling you might never have in life… and you learn from it what an amazing instrument you are, so to speak, what a power you have to experience beyond anything you might ever actually need.’

Slow down

I’m prone to speed. I tend to miss the moment. I’m usually pondering the shaky future I read of in the news.

While we must never cut ourselves off from this world’s hardships, it’s just as important to ponder good things around us, simple as they are.

If we’re to see more of God, we need to slow down to look, taste and see him. This means tasting the food in our mouths that bit longer. Letting that conversation overrun.

It means making more of that meal with friends or family. Taking the longer path back on the walk. Staying for one more song.

It means asking the older person questions, knowing it will take a while more to get their answer. It means holding her hand a bit tighter before an operation.


Paul says,

‘whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right…think about such things.’ Philippians 4:8

Paul isn’t telling us to be dreamers or to stay distant from the troubles around us. He’s telling us to look around.

He’s telling us to consider the many good things God’s given us. To see his glory in those things. 

This is real wisdom. To see the world as God intended you to see it. Not to use it, or exploit it. But to receive it.

Because God’s character, his kindness and his glory are gifts to you in every moment. So take it in.