The Essential Edwards Collection - Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney

C S Lewis once wrote that every age has a way of seeing the world. Some of it good. Some of it bad. And if we’re going to see the bad in our own time, we need to read things from a time gone by. 

But, where to start?

A good introduction

Jonathan Edwards.

One of the greatest theologians and thinkers in American history. But not an easy read.

Which is why Owen Strachen and Doug Sweeney’s The Essential Edwards Collection’ are so helpful.  

They allow your average Joe’s like me to be amazed at the things Edwards saw in the world. 

Let me mention one.

A human obsession.

Beauty. We’re all obsessed with it.

Whether on Instagram or in a Birchbox, our search for beauty never seems to end. 

But whilst we all appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Few stop to ask where that beauty comes from.

Edwards was one of the few. 

A beautiful God

Edwards saw that beauty is a little picture of something even more beautiful. Like tiny mirrors, beautiful acts and images catch the light of God's infinite beauty and reflect it back to him. 

And this wasn't just a clever observation. It defined Edwards’ purpose in life - to be a reflection of God’s beauty on earth. 

The UK in the 21st Century has forgotten this. We love the gift, but reject the Giver. Let Strachan and Sweeney help you love both more.

Type: Theology | Difficulty: Medium