Evangelising with your own faith


You know when you’re in church with a friend who doesn’t know Jesus? Every five minutes you think: how on earth are they finding this?

As well as addressing my friends’ questions and taking them to church, there’s another essential thing that’ll help lead them to Jesus – my own experience of God.

A crucial way to share faith with someone is to actually have a passionate, life-shaping sort of faith.

Let me explain.

Telling and showing

We should declare the gospel until our faces turn blue and our mouths dry up (Romans 10:14).

But how much more effective will our evangelism be if we not only tell people what it’s like to know God but show it?

Showing people what it’s like to intimately know the Source of all satisfaction by actually daily experiencing that relationship is incredibly infectious.

It’s the difference between listing off the ingredients in the soup you’re eating and sitting in front of your friend with a steaming bowl, gushing and slurping away.

Our own faith can be an evangelistic tool twice as effective as a one-off talk, so let’s use it.

The perfect example

Jesus got this balance just right.

He sat on a mountaintop and told people what it was like to love God and live in his kingdom (Matthew 5:1). Then he got up and demonstrated it.

He prioritised his Father (Luke 4:1-13). He obeyed him (Luke 22:42). He was passionate about him (John 2:15-17). Everyone could see their beautiful relationship and it was undeniably attractive.

So when we love God, enjoy being a new creation, and thrive under his promises, we too can be walking ambassadors for the gospel (2 Corinthians 2:16).

But I suppose we’re left with the questions: are we actually daily experiencing what it means to be God’s child? And is it real enough to impact our friends?