Experiencing the resurrection in your living room

Jesus’ resurrection on that first Easter Sunday transforms our future.

But how does it transform this Sunday afternoon in my living room, mug of tea in hand?

In one sense, just knowing that we’re heading for his heavenly, perfect, eternal kingdom changes everything now.

But as earthly, imperfect and limited people, sometimes it’s difficult to connect our experience on earth with our future in heaven.

It can all feel a bit abstract.

Touching the Kingdom

Consider these two things. Firstly, the resurrected Christ established God’s eternal kingdom. He was its ‘first-fruits’ (1 Corinthians 15:20-23).

Secondly, Jesus - the first fruits of God’s kingdom - breathed your air, ate scaled fish and stood on a beach you can stand on (Luke 24:40-43).

God’s kingdom can seem abstract - somewhere I can’t get near. Like there’s a big chasm between life here and life there.

But I’m wrong.

I can catch a plane to Jerusalem and touch the tomb which the first fruits of God’s kingdom walked out of.

I can walk the same road that the resurrected Christ walked on.

God’s kingdom has come very near. But I’d still need to catch a plane, right?


The Present, Future Kingdom

We don’t need to go to Jerusalem to connect our earthly experience with our heavenly one. He promised the Holy Spirit for every Christian (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:7-8).

The Holy Spirit is the promised guarantee of my future hope (Ephesians 1:13b-14). That means that Jesus lives in me now.

The resurrected Jesus is here. Right here with me in my living room.

The Spirit uses my enjoyment of this cup of tea to remind me of a greater enjoyment to come. He connects my current fears and anxieties to the hope of eternal life won by Christ’s resurrection.

For sure, Jesus’ resurrection transforms our future. But that death-defying future, has broken into our present.