Fake News and the way to wisdom

Fake News’ is clearly becoming a real problem.

But this term is now used by just about everyone to describe any news they don’t like - from Donald Trump to teenagers.

So our right concern is now for ‘real news’. But there’s also an issue with this.

After all, can a political debate, a social trend or real-life event ever be presented without opinion or bias? Probably not. So does this make it ‘fake news’?

Not at all.

Nobody’s Neutral

Any historian will tell you that nobody’s neutral. And so news stories can’t be either.

We all have coloured lenses through which we see the world – not least the one we inherit which makes us blind to God and the gospel (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Our news outlets are no different. The same story in The Sun and The Telegraph will both claim to be ‘based on facts.’

Your Bias

At a personal level, in our pride, we believe that the ‘real news’ is whatever represents our own views and opinions.

We may not label the rest as ‘fake news’. And yet our own bias is quick to call everything else ‘biased’.

It's the ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Three Hundred Thinkers

Tim Keller writes,

When you listen and read one thinker, you become a clone… two thinkers, you become confused… ten thinkers, you’ll begin developing your own voice…three hundred thinkers, you become wise.

Christians should be thoughtful and slow to speak (James 1:19). Avoid quick judgments of ‘fake news,’ ‘Tory rubbish’ or ‘socialist propaganda.’

We should recognise our own bias – and sin – and humbly read a wide-range of authors and news.