Faulty Fuse Boxes and the Divine Electrician

I live in a flat.

Built a few years ago, it’s been an easy place to live. No crumbling walls. Easy to heat. All in good working order.

Except it wasn’t. Last week, our electrics cut out.

The electrician’s diagnosis? Our main trip switch had been wrongly installed. Every time we used our power, a little fire sparked in our fuse box.

Finally, the wire had burnt out.

Our home looked good. But within our fuse box, something was in the wrong place. And it was doing some serious damage.

The Hidden Things

God knows that we get hung up on outside appearances too.

His chosen king for his Old Testament people looked weak on the outside. So God reminded a priest called Samuel that while we look at the external, he looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7).

God says time and time again that it’s possible for things to look great, while our hearts are far from him (Amos 5:21-24, Isaiah 29:18, Luke 16:15, Proverbs 21:2).

He’s clear on why this is so important – being all about the outside does some serious damage to us. And he hates it.

The Divine Electrician

Like me, are you tempted to look good, not broken? To be an ‘impressive’ Christian?

My sinful desire is often that you’d be amazed by me, not by Jesus. My heart’s in the wrong place.

And by pursuing outward signs of holiness and faith, I, too, burn out.

The electrics issue has reminded me that God sees the hidden things. The faulty fuse box. And my faulty heart which craves my own praise and not his.

I’m grateful again for my divine electrician. Grateful that he not only diagnoses the issue of my heart, but makes it new.