Filling the hole with a pair of shoes

Most shops I’ve walked past this week have a sale on. I didn’t need anything when I left the house.

But seeing the sign made me question that. Maybe there’s something I want?


Two seconds beforehand, I was content. I was on my way to work, thinking about God's beautiful creation. I was happy for air to breathe and a job to do.

But now I’m thinking about a new t-shirt or pair of shoes that would look so nice on me. My mind has wandered from all that I have to the stuff I don’t.

The stuff that I now want.


There’s nothing wrong with shops having sales. What’s wrong is the way my sinful heart will cling to just about anything but God to satisfy me. 

The way it dares to think that a new pair of shoes could do what only the Creator God of the universe could do.

But the God who made me to find satisfaction in himself knows that even a brand new wardrobe straight off the catwalk won’t even touch the sides.

My response

Shops aren't going to stop having sales any time soon. Nor should they. Rather, what should change is my response whenever I feel the ache of discontentment.

The apostle Paul writes,

I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. Philippians 4:12

How can Paul be content regardless of whether he’s got a lot or little?

Because he’s graciously been given all things in Christ (Romans 8:32). Spiritually, he lacks nothing.  The fullness of eternal life more than makes up for any lack we feel we might have on earth.

And this is true satisfaction - satisfaction far greater than the empty promise of even the biggest summer sale.