Finding Hope By Losing It

Humans hope.

We’re constantly looking forward to tomorrow. To next year. To when we have this, or that. Our hope is in what’s coming. Because what’s been and gone hasn’t scratched the itch.

We may even believe our hopes are God’s hopes for our lives. A particular mission. Marriage. Children.

Then one day, something happens – an accident, a diagnosis, a disaster – and our hopes come crashing down.

Or nothing happens – our hopes just never come about and so slowly wash away with the sting of tears.

Monopoly Money

We all have some hope. But the Bible says that not all hopes are actually hopes at all.

‘Remember that at that time you were separate from Christ… without hope and without God in the world.’ Ephesians 2:12

Apart from Christ, when we hoped for the ideal home, marriage, children, calling, or career – we were without hope. 

Losing hope in what isn’t even hope is like losing all our Monopoly money and declaring ourselves bankrupt. And this is no reason to despair.

Because when we lose hope in what isn’t real hope, we’re far closer to finding true hope - hope that doesn’t disappoint (Romans 5:5).

Our True Hope

In Christ, we have true hope because in him we have God. Everything we hope for on earth is just a faint reflection of a deeper, more satisfying reality found in knowing him.

We want big houses as we long for our heavenly home. We want health because we feel healing is coming. We want the spouse because we ache for our bridegroom – Jesus Christ.

These aren’t vague wishes – it’s what God has promised us who hope in Christ (Ephesians 1:3).

So don’t despair.

God’s planting in you real hope which will lead you from empty, earthly reflections toward heavenly realities kept for you in Jesus Christ.