Finding More – Rico Tice and Rachel Jones


Everyone loves a story – especially a story which ends in a person’s eternal salvation.

Finding More by Rico Tice and Rachel Jones tells the stories of eleven people. Each stumbled across Jesus. But they didn’t expect more than an interesting discussion or intellectual debate.

Yet here they are in coffee shops, community centres and church buildings, doing interviews about how Jesus transformed their lives.

The Stories

Jay stands out.

He was a drug dealer, furious at God and a world which spat out black lads like him. Jay shouted at his girlfriend’s pastor to get out his house. He’s now a pastor himself in Brixton.

Then there’s Rachel.

If Jesus was as bigoted as his followers – especially towards lesbians like her – she had no time for him. Now she’s found him to be better than sex and worth sacrificing everything for.

Jesus transformed her life. And that’s before any mention of her marriage to Andrew and her four-year-old daughter.

The Encouragement

This book is written for people who haven’t met this Jesus. But it casts a far wider net than that.

Nowadays, telling people about Jesus can feel like confessing to be a homophobic, judgmental bigot. So we Christians assume people don’t want to know.

Reading Finding More is the much-needed encouragement that God is at work.

When people meet him, they can’t get Jesus out of their heads. Do you believe that for your mates? Your colleagues? Your kids?

The Challenge

But reading the book also provided the much-needed challenge that God uses Christians to build his Kingdom.

Christians who ask awkward questions like, ‘Would you like to read the Bible?’ know this already.

So give this book to someone who doesn’t know Jesus. But give it a read first. It’ll encourage you that God’s kingdom is growing.

And it will challenge you to get involved in the work.