Gideon: God is big when we are small


This is the third in a series of articles retelling the events of Gideon in the Old Testament book of Judges. This third article is based on Judges 7. You can read the whole series here.


I stared down the valley at the endless sea of enemy soldiers and clenched my sweaty hands. There were thirty-two thousand men behind me. But they had so many more. What could we do? What could God do?

And then I heard his voice. “You have too many men.”

What? God wanted me to have fewer soldiers to defeat that huge army? 

“I don’t want anyone thinking you defeated the enemy by human strength. Send home any man who’s afraid.”

Gritting my teeth, I relayed the order and over the next hour. I watched my army melt away to ten thousand.

God spoke again. “You still have too many. Watch them drink. If they drink from their hands, keep them. If they drink straight from the water, send them away.”

Only three hundred men remained.

God, at last, was pleased with our army. “Go and attack the Midianites. You’ll win,” he said. I glanced at my tiny camp and then down at the dark swarm of the enemy.

God continued, “If you’re too scared, sneak to the edge of their camp and listen.”

So I snuck to the edge of the camp and heard a man telling the soldiers of his dream where a loaf of bread rolled down the hill, causing their tents to collapse. They believed my army was going to destroy them!

I ran back, praising God.

Under the cover of darkness, my three-hundred troops circled the enemy camp holding jars and trumpets. We smashed the jars and blew the trumpets, lighting torches and making as much noise as we could...

…And the Midianites fled. They even started fighting each other.

All we had to do was chase their fleeing backs.

We praised God for the victory that was completely his. No matter how big God's enemies seem, not one is a challenge for him.