God in sleep deprived chaos


It’s the normal conversation of why we’re all late:

I’m running behind, sorry. There’s yoghurt up the wall and in my hair.

She had a tantrum and now we’re both crying on the kitchen floor.’

‘I’ll be there soon - had to get off the bus twice for loo stops. Then there weren’t any seats so I had to breastfeed on the floor.’

Our church’s kids WhatsApp group gives a very honest picture of being a young parent. It’s easy to see how God can be forgotten in the sleep-deprived chaos.

Who has the time (or a spare hand) to read the Bible when you have small children? Who can pray when you can’t even think straight?

Our Shepherd

The good news is that God cares for us in our exhaustion. He’s our loving Shepherd, however we feel. He cares tenderly for both parents and children.

‘He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.’ Isaiah 40:11

We have to admit we’re not strong enough by ourselves, but need to be cared for. We should learn to trust our gentle Shepherd to guide us through.

And resting in his care is a very safe place to be, because our lives will never be out of his control.

Simple Solutions

There are also easy ways we can relate to our Shepherd in the chaos.

Sometimes we need truths explained simply to hit our hearts powerfully. Books like Thoughts to Make your Heart Sing and Found wake up even the sleepiest minds to find joy in God’s goodness.

And though long prayers may be impossible, why not give each worry or plea straight to God, as we think it?

We can be in constant conversation with our loving Shepherd who never leaves us to fend for ourselves.