God works while we wait

In the last six weeks, I’ve been rejected for two jobs.

I was convinced they were right for me. I would’ve been good at them. They’d have been rewarding and worthwhile. They’d have allowed me to progress.

I was upset and confused. I felt useless.

Was work really worth it? Couldn’t God just have given me either of those opportunities? Doesn’t a good Father give his children good gifts? (Matthew 7:11)

I thought I knew what was best for me. As it turns out – as it always does – I didn’t.

God did.

Something better

On Tuesday, I was offered a job.

During the interview it felt right – better even than the previous two roles. Better than I thought it was before the interview. It was worth the wait.

When things look obvious to us, and God does something different, we doubt him. Does he really hold all this in his hands? My interview preparation, the interviewer’s questions, the result?

And yet it was all in his hands (Romans 8:28). He planned that I wouldn’t get those other two roles. Probably to teach me patience, trust, dependence on him (Hebrews 12:11).

Either way, my good father had a good gift coming. I just didn’t know it yet.

Something even better

Of course, six weeks is quite a short length of time. Sometimes God calls us to wait years in a job in which we feel useless.

But whether it’s six weeks or six years, God hasn’t paused his work. When we would have planned things differently, God’s plans are bringing about his great purposes in us (Psalm 139:5).

We don’t know what will happen next – which way our life will turn or what job God will have for us. But God not only knows best; he only does what is good (Genesis 18:25).

And because of that, we can have joy and trust him. 

Even when things feel meaningless.