God's Greater Glory - Bruce Ware

Do you live your Christian life in fear of the ‘P word’?

Even if you feel confident answering questions about your faith, you just hope your friend doesn’t ask anything about that.  


There, I said it. Predestination - a Bible word meaning that God chooses who will be saved (Ephesians 1:5).

If you’re like me, predestination makes you feel uncomfortable because we’re encouraged not to think about it too much. There’s no denying it’s in the Bible. But maybe we should just move on to an easier topic?

God’s in control of everything. That much we all agree on. But does that include us?

Now we feel uncomfortable. Surely we’re in control of our own actions? Don’t we have free will?

But the Bible says we’re spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:1). It says that we can’t become Christians without God’s help (John 6:44). Yet the Bible also says we’re responsible for our failure to come to him (John 12:37).

The Bible claims both are true. I guess that is why I was always told to just accept it and move onto something easier.


Then I came across this book by Bruce Ware.

God’s Greater Glory unashamedly discusses predestination, God’s total control over good and evil, and human free will. And now the ‘P word’ isn’t scary at all.

Through this book, I realised I’d been missing out. It gave me a much bigger view of God. I’ve come to enjoy a real peace, knowing that God’s in control of both my little life and the whole world.

His plans are incredible and perfect. And I’m safe, not because I’m clinging to God, but because he’s clinging to me. And he’ll never, ever let me go.

If you’re scared of the ‘P word’, this book’s for you.

Type: Theology | Difficulty: Challenging