God’s shocking love for his prostitute bride


She’s gone again.

Why does my wife keep prostituting herself? These men abuse and treat her so badly. It’s heart-breaking.

And now God tells me to love her again!

I must’ve misheard. I’ve been through so much already. I could somehow put up with her, and perhaps live with her. But love her, no!

Gomer’s too faithless. She hasn’t even called, asking if I’ll have her back. It’s Jeremy Kyle all over.

An unbelievable rescue

But God tells Hosea to love his adulteress wife (Hosea 3:1). And amazingly, he does (Hosea 3:2).

So, imagine the face of unremorseful Gomer when Hosea turns up at her seedy hideout. He sees her shameful surroundings and then quietly opens his wallet.

He pays the full price to set her free (Hosea 3:2). All done. She can come back home as his wife.

It’s a picture of Israel’s sin – their adultery. And yet God loved them so much that he’d pay the price to get them back.

It’s a picture of our sin – our adultery. And how God would send his own Son to pay the price with his blood and keep loving his prostitute bride, the church. 

Good news for Gomers

John Newton once wrote, ‘I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Saviour’.

He was a former slave trader who lived thousands of years after Hosea. But he knew that he was a Gomer.

He knew he’d gone from rags to riches in Christ (Colossians 1:27). From adulterous idolatry to a loving marriage to his Lord (Revelation 19:7).

Look at what God offers – how shocking is his love for his faithless bride. All sin can be forgiven in him (Colossians 1:14).

He’s your husband who loves you and who has won you back at great cost. Come in holy fear to the Lord and receive his eternal blessings in Christ (Hosea 3:5).