Good news for fearful, busy and deeply insecure high-achievers (like me)


I was sixteen when I believed that Jesus came to save me from sin (1 Timothy 1:15) – my wilful rejection of a loving, holy and real creator.

I was told that those who’d receive him would receive life to the full (John 10:10) – both in this world and in the one to come.

I received God’s gift of eternal life with a beaming smile. But life to the full here?

Well, I already had that covered.


I was a high achiever. I did well at school, had sports medals and played the guitar. In one sense, life was full. And as I looked toward adult life, the plan for a life was the same. 

I’d accumulate promotions, prizes, positions of responsibility. And then I’d look back at a life well-lived. But there was a problem.

The more I achieved, the emptier I felt.

And then one day, I was referred to hospital for fear of a cancerous growth. I looked death in the face but wasn’t scared by it - I’d be with Jesus forever.  

What scared me was the prospect of an unfinished and undistinguished life here.


We often believe that value comes from output. That to be valuable and loved, we have to be productive. So, deeply insecure, I busied myself to be loved.  

But God doesn’t love us because of our output or achievement. God loved me – not once I’d achieved something but when I couldn’t have been achieving less (Romans 5:8).

He died for me as a sinner on the cross as someone with nothing to show for myself before God.

And this frees me to no longer do, do, do. I can rest in God’s love regardless of what I achieve. God’s love in Jesus allows me to enjoy life to the full.

Both here and in the world to come.