Has Snoop Dogg become a Christian?

It's not every day that one of hip hop's biggest names releases a gospel album. Especially one that's over two hours long. 

But that's what Snoop Dogg did last week. 

Word that Snoop was working on the album first broke in May last year. And unsurprisingly there's been a lot of debate about whether his journey from a life of unashamed drink and drugs into God’s kingdom is a genuine one. 

And I've had my doubts too. 

No token gesture

But Bible of Love is no token gesture.

Whether it's the tales of God's astonishing love in ‘Unbelievable', the challenging picture of the Christian life in ‘Voice of Praise' or the urgent call to share the gospel in ‘Always Got Something to Say,' this album is dripping with the gospel. 

But I started to wonder. With Snoop’s track-record, was this for real? Surely, it must be a publicity stunt?

And in that moment, the one who corrected my mistaken attitude was The Dogg himself.  


Nestled in the centre of his album is a track called ‘Come as you are.' And perhaps this song contains his loudest message.

By releasing this album, Snoop isn’t hiding his past. Instead, he tells his millions of fans worldwide that, no matter who they are, they can come to Jesus:

No matter if you're from the street
Repent your sense of honestly
Just come as you are (Come as you are)
Don't have to drive a fancy car, or dress like you're a movie star
Just come as you are (Come as you are

And, in doubting Snoop Dogg's faith, that's exactly what I needed to hear.

Has Snoop Dogg become a Christian? I can’t tell you for sure.

But there's no reason why he couldn't have.