Heirs Magazine in 2018

2018 will be remembered for many things.

From England’s historic run in the World Cup, to Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, to the fall of one of Hollywood’s most powerful directors. The effects of 2018 will be felt for years.

And that’s not to mention Brexit.

But as we head into 2019, it’s not only the headlines that will stay with us. There will be lots of other things we've learnt too. And at Heirs, we hope that this year you’ve been challenged, encouraged and entertained by this little corner of the internet.

At the start of 2018, Heirs wasn’t much more than two childhood friends’ rough idea - a place for culturally accessible, gospel-centred content for people living in the UK. By the end, it’s grown into what you see today.

Over the course of this year, the Lord’s enabled us to publish over two-hundred articles, poems and videos on everything from news and arts, to sports and everyday life.

Here’s a round-up of ten of our most read or notable pieces from 2018.

#1 I was at the Presidents Club

This year’s been marked by sexual scandal after sexual scandal. And in January the Financial Times published a piece revealing one at the heart of the British elite.

Many of the responses to The Presidents Club story blamed a corrupt system. But in this challenging piece, Ben Kirsch reminded us that the problem is found in all our hearts.

#2 The-Double-Decker-Stir-Fry Lie

Life-changing ideas about God don’t only exist for church on Sundays. They make a difference to the everyday.

Heirs writer Kath Giles has written a number of down-to-earth articles this year. This is one of her best.

#3 Three poems for Mental Health Awareness Week

Much has been done to improve awareness of mental health in recent years. But there’s still a way to go.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we published three poems by Ben Moore touching on his own experience of depression.

#4 What Jesus would say to Florence + the Machine

Like the air we breathe, culture is all around us. We can’t help but breathe it in. And this year, we’ve tried to write on some of our country’s key cultural moments.

This debut article by Naomi Williams was one of our most popular.

#5 ‘Mary’

Through 2018, we’ve tried to explore some different ways of writing to speak to our diverse range of readers. One of these has been through re-telling certain parts of the Bible in the form of short story.

These articles aren’t intended to replace the Bible, but to help get us excited for the real account. This article by editor Gina Vaughan helps do just that.

#6 Restructure & the God Who Doesn’t Change

Work is a huge part of our lives. Whether paid or unpaid, the average worker will have spent approaching 2,000 hours at work in 2018.

This year we’ve published pieces on a whole range of work issues. This one by Helena Morrison on the restructure she experienced in her job gave a particularly honest view of her struggles with change.

#7 The Day My Daughter Died

At Heirs, we love to share the ways we see glimpses of the gospel in the high and lows of life. But when our senior editor, Jonny Ivey, and his wife, Joanna, lost their daughter in October, I probably wasn’t the only one to question what comfort the gospel could bring in such pain.

In three remarkable longer read articles, Jonny shared with us the mysterious mix of loss and love he experienced in the days surrounding baby Edith’s death. If you’ve not read them yet, you must. This is the first of the three.

#8 Single, Lonely, Loved

Some important things don’t get talked about that much. Even by Christians. This year, we’ve tried to write honestly and openly on a number of sensitive subjects. A good example is this frank discussion by Naomi Moody about her experience of singleness.

#9 Five Ways Not to Respond When You Sin

We want our articles to be accessible to all, regardless of background or education. That’s why most of our pieces are about three-hundred words.

But in response to feedback, we’ve started publishing longer read articles on topics we couldn’t do justice to in our normal format. This article by Ellie Page from early November is one I’ve already found myself coming back to.

#10 A Light in the Darkness

In the run up to Christmas, we were so happy to publish a wonderful video by one of our newest contributors. Ben Moon’s spoken word offers an honest take on the world this Christmas time and our only hope for finding fulfilment amongst all the turkey and tinsel.

We’re excited to see how the Lord continues to use Heirs Magazine in the next twelve months. Please pray with us that he might give us all more joy in the Lord Jesus this coming year!