Instant Family: How can we be left unchanged?


UK cinemas celebrated Valentine’s Day differently this year.

Instead of the sickly-sweet rom-coms, a different type of love was celebrated. That of fostering and adoption.

Instant Family follows the story of a couple who decide to give fostering a go, even though they’re not sure they have what it takes.

As the three children are settling in, the man says, “We made a terrible mistake. Our life is mainly gonna suck now.”

A New Family

The film certainly doesn’t shy away from some gritty or sad realities.

Fostering and adoption can be really hard and we should do all we can to support both the carers or parents as well as the children (James 1:27).

However, the film’s also overflowing with love for children who are hurting. It’s lit up with hilarious moments as a wonderful family is formed.

Sean Anders, the writer and producer, said the film was inspired by his own experience of fostering and adoption and hopes it will inspire others to take that path.

And this path is one that Christians should be the first to tread.

God’s New Family

After all, we’re adopted ourselves (Ephesians 1:5).

And not just by anyone, but by the God of the universe (Romans 8:14-17). He’s given us a perfect home forever (John 14:2).

And like any adoption, it was costly for God. We weren’t easy or obedient. We were as different from God as is possible. We even killed his son. Yet God loved us. (Romans 5:8).

Despite deserving the opposite, God made us his ‘instant family’ (1 John 3:1). And that blows me away.

God’s adoptive love can’t leave us unchanged. How can we not be challenged to pass such unconditional love on to those around us, however difficult or hurting they may be?


If Instant Family raised questions for you regarding fostering and adoption, we’d recommend the Home for Good page: